KCC in South Canterbury Reveal their Lively Addition

Notice the leaf-like leptocephalli? Love those baby eels!

Thanks to Justine Carson-Isles and many others who help with Forest & Bird’s Kiwi Conservation Club in South Canterbury for their hard work on what is clearly a beautiful and fanciful addition to our dear Velvet.  Here, see for yourself what they created:

And, the tinsel teeth on this festive great white!

And, “ta’da”… the finished panel will join the rest!


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South Canterbury KCC Sews for the Tuna!

Win Parks, the Coordinator for South Canterbury branch of Kiwi Conservation Club has some news as well as some photos to share.  With the leadership of Justine Carson-Isles, this local chapter of Forest and Bird’s youth program (KCC) has made their own panel to contribute to Velvet when she was on display at the South Canterbury Museum in Timaru during September and October.  Sroll down for some new photos!
As you can see from these photos, this group of youngsters are already getting well educated about the life that swims through the freshwaters in their own backyards:

Studying some freshwater fish at South Canterbury Museum

Justine reading “Velvet & Elvis” at the South Canterbury Museum

Big thanks to Win for getting things started there and for Justine for keeping them going… even while (as you can see) she is a busy new mom!  And, as promised, here are a few photos of the latest panel in progress:

Isabella, Win and William show off their lovely and lively contribution.

William carefully places the shark in the marine section of the piece.

Isabella Kellahan is excited about the work on the tapestry!


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Donna Palmer’s Students Take Action!

“Room 6, Te Awamutu Intermediate, went on a class trip to see the ‘We Love Eels’ exhibition at Te Awamutu Museum. The students were moved by what they discovered about the Longfin eel, and were disappointed that they could not sign the petition (being under 18 years old). Back in the classroom, the students hit on a plan.” …………

Read the whole article by Donna Palmer right here:  Te Awamutu Save Me Article

I am really impressed with these kids who know how powerful they can be!  WOW!

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Nelson’ Ecofest Welcomes Velvet!

Gillian Pollock, who was in charge of Forest & Bird’s presence at Nelson’s Ecofest this August, has just reported that a huge longfin eel appeared, migrating through the event at the spot where the Maitai River meets the Tasman Sea…… and where the illustrations for “Velvet & Elvis…” were painted.  Jo Reilly and her team were the organizers of Ecofest in Nelson for the City Council and Tasman District Council.  Gillian sent this photo of new panels being created:

Ecofest went well with plenty of interest and a colourful new 2 metres in length added to the project.  With the presence of Forest & Bird, who originally started the petition calling for a moratorium on commercial fishing of the longfin, there must have been lots of new signatures added to the thousands already in place.

A big “Thanks” to Gillian, Jo and all for making Velvet a centerpiece of this year’s Ecofest in Nelson!

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Our Tuna Swims into the International Science Festival!

Thanks to the hard work of Enviroschools regional co-ordinators Jenny Neilson and Jennie Upton as well as many others who helped out, Velvet was on display at the Dunedin City Library last month.  Although we all got a good laugh at some mis-quotes and mis-spellings, this newspaper article: Dunedin article on the event is still sweet-as…….. especially with Jenny and Jennie showing off the velvety panels!

Also, Channel 9 interviewed Jenny Nielson about Velvet’s part in the International Science Festival.  Check it out: http://www.ch9.co.nz/node/24881   “Cheers” to Jenny for doing such a great job representing our social art project and supporting environmental education in NZ!

These two lovely Enviroschool ladies also helped the children’s section of the library create a Dunedin panel before Velvet migrates out of Otago.  Here are a few photos of the making of the colorful, lively piece:

Greta, Jenny’s grand daughter, is hard at work on her crab……

…and “TA- Daaa!” Love that smile.

This dolphin looks pretty happy too.




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Kaikoura Kids Jump In!

Jen Rodgers with EnviroSchools just shared these pictures of the two panels made by EnviroSchool kids in Kaikoura.



Love that koura K!

Thanks for joining in to the Tuna Tapestry!  Great work.

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Grey Star Shines with Tuna Article

Kia ora fellow Tuna lovers.  My friend Kim McPherson in Hokitika just sent this along to share:    Grey Star June 7, 2012                …………………….. the word is certainly getting out!

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