What does it mean to me to be an eel woman?  It means I’m willing to look beyond the surfaces that society has labeled ugly or scary to find the beautiful and sacred.  It means joining my strengths of art, biology and education to help shape a better world for our children.  It means making new mistakes and learning from them.  It means throwing my anxious self into the uncertain and murky waters of life and learning, even if it scares the pee out of me.  Actually, especially if it scares me if there is the potential to do some good that is bigger than me.  It means laying myself belly up to the embarrassing knife of truth to help others see more clearly their own invulnerability and connection to all life.  It means trying not to die dancing or laughing . . . until it’s time.


2 Responses to About

  1. Valerie says:

    Having lived next to a small river in Nelson for 5 weeks, it wasn’t until my friend ‘the Eel Lady’ Stephanie visited me and informed me that if I threw a raw egg into the water, if there were eels, they would show-up. Sure enough, after the first egg landed in the water… 8 eels arrived! It was so exciting (the ducks were disappointed that it wasn’t bread though).

    Since Stephanie has been down the coast, I’ve been throwing my eggs into the river regularly and have been visited by up to 6 long fin eels, of all sizes, one particularly large and I’m loving it! It’s amazing to watch them as they appear from and then burrow down into the vegetation growing on the bottom of the river bed; how they share and their amazing sense of smell. They are so graceful to watch.

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing your passion with me and considering me as the resident eels’ kaitiaka. I love my eels and will continue to spread the word about their importance in NZ rivers!

    Wishing you the best of luck with the continuation and completion of your wonderful Tapestry… look forward to the day when it’s wrapped around the Beehive!!

    Valerie 🙂

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