Waiheke & Wananga Folks Jump In!

Just as we realized that Velvet had grown too big to be hung in her entirety at Te Papa this month, we got a shout from environmental scientist, Caleb Royal, in Otaki.  He said that the Wananga community would like to display the bits of Velvet that couldn’t fit into Te Papa.  And, these folks are making their own panel that Caleb will bring with the rest of the tapestry and lots of new petition signatures to Parliament on March 19!  As soon as Caleb has a photo of this panel, we’ll post it here!

Sea WeekThen, just before the opening blessing for the tapsetry at Te Papa, Jacqueline Joseph on Waiheke Island jumped in, saying that she and her fellow islanders (including Rob Morton and his daughter Tilde) would also like to get involved.  Check out these photos from their event in an upcoming post!

And, true to their island’s name, many of these Waiheke folks are planning to make the journey to Wellington to help carry our tuna to the steps of the beehive!

Stay tuned for photos from these great folks!Eel & Cactus Evolution

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