Donna Palmer’s Students Take Action!

“Room 6, Te Awamutu Intermediate, went on a class trip to see the ‘We Love Eels’ exhibition at Te Awamutu Museum. The students were moved by what they discovered about the Longfin eel, and were disappointed that they could not sign the petition (being under 18 years old). Back in the classroom, the students hit on a plan.” …………

Read the whole article by Donna Palmer right here:  Te Awamutu Save Me Article

I am really impressed with these kids who know how powerful they can be!  WOW!

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2 Responses to Donna Palmer’s Students Take Action!

  1. Mariana says:

    I love that a setback inspired these children to take collective action! Gives me hope for the future -Kia kaha tamariki!

  2. stephaniejoh says:

    Exactly. What a wonderful example these youngsters set for taking a negative and turning it into a big positive gain. Donna should feel really proud.

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