Swimming the Waikato!

Almost a month ago now our taniwha-sized tuna travelled to the Waikato River.  There Paul Bradley, the community arts advisor for Art Waikato, had this to share:

Kia ora korua,

Just a note to say all went really well with Velvet over the weekend. We were able to display about 40 metres of her around the room we were in and we made a stunning (and very full!) new section of about 3 metres. The kids absolutely loved it, and the adults were interested too. I had some interesting conversations about eels and got some signatures on the petition too.

It was so cool having Velvet here. Kudos to you for making this happen, such a great project. I definitely want to get her back up here sometime. I have a vision of heaps of kids holding her up next to the mighty Waikato River.

Paul Bradley



Indeed, we would all love to see the full length of Velvet stretched out along the Waikato as well as many other NZ rivers!  Thanks Waikato!!!

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One Response to Swimming the Waikato!

  1. stephaniejoh says:

    You can really sense in these photos the love and care that went into the making of the Waikato 3-metre section of this travelling tuna!

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