Our Cat at Patagonia’s Earth Fest!

Patagonia community members say “for bringing the Jaguar Tapestry to its home range in Patagonia!” Thanks to Yosef Funke and Carolyn Shafer there are a couple photos from the day as the big cat wrapped all the way around the huge community center. In this one the patiently painted Patagonia 1st & 2nd grader panels are on either side of the facing corner.

Thanks for the photo Carolyn!

I will look forward to getting a closer look at the new panels and will get some close-up shots this weekend when we carry the tapestry across the U of A campus.

Here is an article from North Eastern Santa Cruz County’s Weekly Bulletin.

Thanks all you wildlife-loving Patagonia folks….especially Wendy Russell and Faye Finley for making things happen!

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