New Zealand’s National Aquarium Hosts Our Eel!

Velvet is currently on display at the National Aquarium in Napier.  How cool to go see our handmade tuna, as well as the real live longfins they have there!

Our Velvet hangin' with her fishy mates!

An elderly longfin eel in captivity.

Here is what Carol Larson, Education Team Leader at the National Aquarium, had to say about it:

“Velvet goes around our Exhibition Hall and up the ramp to the foyer…. she looks great swimming down the ramp to the Pania of the Reef tank.  I have seen many people touching the fabric and making  comments. One mother was telling her small daughter that ‘school children made this’!  You all are reaching far and wide with this project and it’s travels. Well done!”

Thanks Carol, and “well done” yourself and for all you folks there do to educate and inspire regarding the amazing life under New Zealand’s waters!

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