Velvet Deals With the Oil Spill

D.O.C. – Te Papa Atawhai Ranger Trudi Ngawhare was sad to send a a message recently that due to the situation with the Rena in Tauranga the Whakatane area’s hosting of Velvet from Nov. 28-Dec 9 will need to be put on hold.

From East Coast's Mata lively!

Trudi also thanked us all “… for the opportunity (to host Velvet.) This is such a wonderful project that our schools and groups have readily taken on board. I have attached some photos of three of the Tairawhiti Schools involved. We are waiting on two more tapestries and then

From Gisborne's Elgin School ........bold design!

can forward our section on to where it may be.” It is so awesome to see such lovely new sections and to know that even more are being made!  Our hearts are with all the folks who are helping with the very sad oil spill.  We will be sure that Velvet does make her way to the Whakatane area     next year!!!

The good news is that Gabriela Gomez Fell and others with D.O.C. in Napier/Hawkes Bay eagerly and quickly picked up on the opportunity to share Velvet at that time.  So, you can now find our travelling taniwha tuna at the DOC site this week, and at then at the nearby National Aquarium of NZ!

Gisborne's Illminster Intermediate School...............great message!

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