Our Jag Joined National Geographic and NPS at the 2011 BioBlitz!

It was a wild two days in Saguaro National Park West.  This past Friday and Saturday “Sewing Spots Together” represented the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s Art Institute at this year’s BioBlitz, where citizen scientists joined professional biologists to take a speedy inventory of the biodiversity of our local national park.  Thanks to Ranger Jamie Trevillian the arts at the event  (including our jag) were a huge success

On day one, local school kids flooded the park and this crazy jaguar lady tried to teach an uncountable number to sew on the BioBlitz panel.  It was a bit crazy!

But, thanks to my son, Zane Johnson, kids were able to use his awesome, hand-drawn templates to make it easier.

One dad took the time to draw these lovely barrel cacti, sew them on, and then help his son with his knot tying.

On a calmer and saner day two, we invited folks of all ages and literary levels to add their original poetry, prose, and drawings to another BioBlitz panel.  I will leave you all with the results, as they speak for themselves and for life in all its forms:

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