Velvet Competes with Rugby World Cup!

At well over 40 meters and growing (so much that the postal service is afraid of us!) Velvet recently appeared at the Sir Edmund Hilary Library in Papakura.  A big “Cheers” goes out to the staff there who took the time to share her with the public.  Hopefully, due to the various media coverage it received, many new signatures were gained on the “LifeLine for LongFins” petition.

The kids at the Garden’s School in Manurewa also recently displayed Velvet and shared information about our dear Longfins (Anguilla dieffenbachii) so that others will understand them better and appreciate their unique presence in New Zealand’s waters.

A huge hug of appreciation goes out to Laura Torre, Kate, and everyone for all the work they did to share Velvet in the greater Auckland area!!!  …….. in the wild, crazy midst of the Rugby World Cup, we should note.

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2 Responses to Velvet Competes with Rugby World Cup!

  1. Laura says:

    It was great to have Velvet with us for a short visit! Her mana grows as her length does! Special thanks go out to Julia Tuineau who had the original idea to host Velvet. Also we are indebted to Cathy Cooper and Merrill Lewis for their support of this project. Swim on Velvet!

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