Lincoln’s KidsFirst Kids Show an Explosion of Fun and Soul…WOW!

This next section of the tapestry (that’s # 8 so far) reflects the Mauri of the Wai and the School!  Jeanne, Sue, Joyce and Jenn should be super proud of their students and their commitment to this project as well as their streams!  The dangling duck feet ate a hoot!

Here’s what Jeanne has to say about the experience:

“Hi Stephanie, hope the trip is going well. Here is a photo of our piece of the tapestry. They children loved working with the sewing machines to make their creatures for it and are still talking about velvet and her story. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

The children have definitely taken onboard how we need to care for our waterways and how to care for the creatures in them. They often talk about keeping the river clean and caring for the eels.

Thanks and we hope to get to see the finished tapestry when it is on display somewhere here in Canterbury we hope!!”

These Canterbury kindergarteners can inspire us all!!!  They have me, as I am now working on a similar jaguar tapestry here in Arizona…… I’m now ready to get sewing!  Thanks Ya’ll!!!

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5 Responses to Lincoln’s KidsFirst Kids Show an Explosion of Fun and Soul…WOW!

  1. Valerie says:

    Your tapestry looks beautiful! Job well done! 🙂

  2. stephaniejoh says:

    So glad you’re watching these pieces come in Eel Lady of Nelson!

  3. elise says:

    Lovely so colourfull glad u had fun

  4. Lizel De Bruin says:

    Well done sis, proud of you and the little hands, the piece looks amazing! It for sure makes one feel all fishy in a good way of course …Good luck with the next piece hope you all have fun … maybe a wrap for winter … having a whale of a time this end regards from Alaska

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