Eel Wheel On Fire Near Fernridge!

Literally and Figuratively, the eel wheel was burning.  On my speedy trek from Lakeview to Fernridge the Tuna Tapestry suitcase melted a wheel.  As Masterton traffic sped by, I smelled something “fishy” and looked down to see a wheel smoking-hot and melting!  I made it back to the Ludden’s house and used the Lakeview koha to buy a flash new case to keep the tour rolling!   Thank goodness, because the Fernridge kids were fired up and ready to sew!

I had to carry it "home" on top of my head.... motorists were staring as I laughed at myself.

Friction in Action... the melted wheel and casing.

Just an idea of growth, as the tapestry is now well over 30 panels long and growing every day! Cool.

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