Kia ora!

Me, Velvet the sock puppet, the Kiwi kids, and the head of the tapestry!

Velvet’s Travelling Tuna Tapestry” is flying to New Zealand to help save the threatened Longfin Eel.  The head and tail have been created in the desert near Tucson, Arizona.  Now it will “migrate” around Aotearoa and grow longer as it visits each school or group that is participating!  So many Kiwi’s are opening their doors and sewing kits to make this amazing work of public art be something that will help “Save the Eels!”          A big heartfelt “THANK YOU” to you all!

I am an environmental educator and artist with a passion for saving this truly unique and treasured fish as well as its freshwater ecosystem.  Above is my son Zane with Velvet’s head and tail, almost done and ready to fly!  I will miss my son and husband while I’m away.

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  1. Please let me know if you and your group or class would like to participate by creating a panel for the tapestry… and you can visit my website to learn more!

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